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Excellent on the boat, as well as from the shore, this long jerk reaches considerable distances thanks to the internal spheres, which are free to slide longitudinally to move towards the tail at the time of casting. Then it swims in the top meter to stimulate the attack by Seabass, Bluefish and Barracuda.

The squared lip adds nervousness to its progress, both in the linear retrieve and in the skidding caused by the robust jerks. This attitude, combined with the vibrations spread through the water by the moving balls, determines a wide sphere of sound that does not go unheeded even among the breakers of the waves. The armor is completely reliable, with sturdy corrosion free steel treble hooks, while the range of available colours combines the timeless classics with three UV solutions, which are always spotted by predators from a great distance, even in full darkness.

180-41-8 _ _ SUPERTIDE ACE SL 140 mm SLOW SINKING 16.0 g 0.5-1.1 m #04 Permanent Steel
180-41-9 _ _ SUPERTIDE ACE SL 175 mm SLOW SINKING 29.0 g 0.6-1.4 m #04 Permanent Steel