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Bay Walker is a floating stickbait, designed to imitate forage fish and swim on the surface to hunt for Seabass, Bluefish, Leerfish, Little Tunny and Bonitos.

The lure interprets the WTD style with great personality, because its weight is decentralized towards the tail, which takes all ballistic responsibilities. The position of the driving ring is such as to deliberately unbalance the lure in its swimming: thus the head oscillates under the front pressure of the water, raising splashes at each change of direction. In the case of apathetic fish, it is recommended to retrieve it linearly, by making sudden breaks and restarts, interspersed with occasional twitches. The reaction of predators is without rules: their attack can take place at any time, but this is an aspect that adds fun to fishing action.

180-44-5_ _ BAY WALKER 180 mm FLOATING 28.0g WTD / Top #04 3D Cut Permanent Steel
180-44-6_ _ BAY WALKER 200 mm FLOATING 39.0g WTD / Top #02 3D Cut Permanent Steel