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The most versatile hard lure ever appeared in the Rapture Saltwater range: an imitation of Needlefish with the backward center of gravity to reach long casting distances.

If you slowly retrieve it with submerged rod’s tip, it swims silently under the water’s surface, casting bright flashes without ever hitting the surface. With a low rod’s top, you can perform the classic WTD style, with the lure that proceeds zigzagging on topwater, in a spectacular and noisy motion with splashes and bubbles. With a high rod, it can be retrieved quickly by raising its head, which is lighter than the tail, or by causing hops on the water, like a fish escaping from a predator. In all cases, Ocean Razor brings home the result with Seabass, Bluefish, Leerfish, Little Tunny and Bonitos. The selection of colours is just amazing, with all the classics and some variations with particularly bright metallic colors.

180-44-1_ _ OCEAN RAZOR 180 mm FLOATING 23.5g WTD / Top #04 3D Cut Permanent Steel
180-44-0_ _ OCEAN RAZOR 200 mm FLOATING 29.5g WTD / Top #02 3D Cut Permanent Steel