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It belongs to the lure’s class that takes its name from a pencil, because their shape is almost cylindrical. But in action, so much simplicity turns into tremendous effectiveness …

Ocean Walker has been designed for surface fishing, and for this reason it’s light and floating, but its behavior is strongly influenced by the position of the front connecting ring and the inclination of the chin. Thus the artificial tends to emerge with the head, simulating a dying fish, which can no longer keep its underwater trajectory. The work of the user does the rest: it is retrieved at constant speed with the rod inclined on the water, while short tears are sent to the bait with rhythmical movements of the top section. The lure proceeds in a zigzag, moving a large amount of water and generating waves with bubbles that attract surface predators such as Seabass, Bluefish, Leerfish and Bonitos. This style of retrieve is known as WTD (Walking The Dog, because it recalls the running of a dog on a leash), and causes violent and spectacular attacks.

180-43-9_ _ OCEAN WALKER 125 mm FLOATING 16.0 g WTD / Top #06 3D Cut Perma Steel