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Despite the expansion of fishing in lakes, the charm of running waters is always very strong. Environmental conditions, mistrust of native trout and even local regulations have inspired the creation of this series of specific minnows.

A truly special series: the first Native ever to be proposed with two treble hooks and two single barbless hooks, because today they are obligatory in many waters. Beyond the laws in force, the true sportsman knows that the taste of capture ends when the Trout appears afloat and it’s possible to appreciate its beauty. Touching it is a real crime; with barbless hooks, freeing it is very easy, and the absence of wounds adds nobleness to our fishing action. In this series natural colors abound, with some concessions to the imagination that proves to be worth when Trout shows disinterest in everything we present them. That intruder who resembles a natural minnow may seem monotonous in this moment, while two hours ago it triggered the attack. So let’s make something unusual pass by: it is not excluded that she decides to get it out of the way! The special Cluster versions enrich the choice with the randomness of their chromatic impact: if there is no free space in our lure box, we shall leave home something old!

180-43-8_ _ BAKIN NATIVE 70 mm SINKING 8.5 g Variable Treble #08 Black Nickel -Single #04 Black Nickel