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In the Area lakes it widens the range of catch opportunities, because it swims at relatively high depths and because the shape of its body is such as to allow a very slow retrieve, which proves to be very effective against indolent trout.

In fact, the large surface of the lip and the position of the connecting ring to the main line make the Diavel Deep sink quickly, just after the impact with the water’s surface, and make it maintain a swimming bathymetric which, in most of the Area lakes, roughly corresponds to total depth. The very arched body’s shape and its wide back make this crank swing frantically, even at low retrieve regimes, giving time to the apathetic Trout to stop it without wasting too much energy. The colour’s panel ranges from very light to very dark tones, allowing you to opt for contrast or alignment, with respect to the environment’s colours or the sunlight intensity. Eight are the Cluster colours, that are sprayed to obtain complete randomness. Single barbless hooks belong to 3D Cut Powerpoint class for deep penetration and safe hold during fish fight.

180-43-4_ _ DIAVEL DEEP AREA CRANK 35 mm FLOATING 2.2 g 0.50 - 1.50 m #08 S-31BL Barbless