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After watching dozens and dozens of spoon through water, Trout can not take it anymore, they seem to hibernate.

They already know the catalogues of all existing brands, but they still would like to attack something substantial.So we switch to a different lure, able to move a bigger water’s mass and thus activate from distance the nerve endings of the lateral line, which in the Trout are very sensitive. Let’s try a Diavel, the mini Rapture crank designed specifically for fishing situations which are the trade mark of Trout Area: clear and shallow waters, relatively short distances, shy fish because they feel the presence of too many fishermen on the lake’s banks. With its frenetic oscillations and its ability to swim up to 2 meters deep, this lure makes the difference; if we then consider the range of available colours, with the fantastic “cluster” versions with random dots on the lip, too, we have an idea of how many options we can offer to Trout. Of course, hooks are single barbless Powerpoint, featuring the 3D Cut point for good penetration and safe holding.

180-43-5_ _ DIAVEL AREA 35 mm SINKING 2.5g Variable #12 Black Nickel