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Evoque is a typical curved shad shaped crankbait, featuring a small, compact, flat sided body combined with a pronounced lip able to deliver an erratic and aggressive swimming with a tight wobbling action and sudden movements.

Deadly effective, Evoque fits most conditions, from large lakes, to canals and rivers too, both trying to catch in shallow water or in deeper stages. The smaller Evoque 40 is excellent for small rivers, both to upstream and downstream fishing, but can be well employed also for lakes in shallow water, to fish over structures and covers, or even fished near edges. Whilst the larger Evoque DR is ideally suited to deep rivers or moving waters, to target deeper areas where other lures may struggle, as well as to fish in lakes, whether cast or trolled. So if you are looking for a lure able to catch virtually anything that swims in water, look no further!

180-42-2_ _ EVOQUE 40 mm FLOATING 3.5g 0.5-2.0 m TREBLE #10 Black Nickel - SINGLE #08 Black Nickel
180-42-3_ _ EVOQUE DR 50 mm SINKING 8.2 g 1-2.5 m TREBLE #10 Black Nickel - SINGLE #08 Black Nickel