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A great Rapture classic in our catalogue from the very first stage and one of the first crankbait to be developed and yet and of the best! BB Crank 05 has gained a solid reputation over the years, in the bass anglers but not only, as it’s a true allrounder and it has fully proven in 2012 with the won of the World Boat Predator championship with Team Hungary, fishing in a shallow river margins for asp! A lethal weapon you won’t miss on your selection!

The BB CRANK 05, like any other lure in the BB series, is equipped with rattling device, 3D Live Eyes, genuine High Quality treble hooks and is finished with innovative colour patterns painted in a highly resistant varnish. It can actually swim up to 0,5 meters deep. Use it to stimulate very lethargic fish in the surface layers, with low speed retrieve. The small size will reduce the splashing sound when cast over long distances, dramatically limiting any fish scaring effect.

180-00-7_ _ BB CRANK 05 45 mm FLOATING 7.0g 0-0.5 m #10 Black Nickel