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Despite most of the anglers already know and use standard lightweight spinnerbaits, let’s say half an ounce and heavier, for sure many of them never saw this kind of lure downsized in a so short version to be really considered an ultra light lure.

The Chibi Spinnerbait is a small lure of only 3/16 oz, so just more than 5 grams in weight, but designed to trigger the predatory instinct of a big fish. The secret lays in its peculiar and natural action, thanks to the low weight, in its appealing colour combinations and in the action developed by the small spoon, which turns and flashes with the swivel assistance, according to the lightest movement on the tip of you rod. A big perch simply cannot resist to such stimulation, and quickly attacks it!

180-20-5_ _ SPINNERBAIT 20 mm SINKING 5.4g Variable #12 Black Nickel