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Small but heavy metal jig with a very distinctive swimming action.

It can be useful to reach the predators when they swim too far for standard lures. The big realistic 3D eye is an additional triggering feature of this long casting lure. We suggest to use the Gun Jig for fishing bonito, skipjack and other small to medium sized fish from the tuna family but it can be employed as well in fresh water, retrieving it very fast for big asp. Thanks to TiN plating, the treble hook resist to saltwater corrosion and their points keep sharpness for longer time, if compared to standard ones.

180-20-90_ CHIBI GUN JIG 44 mm SINKING 16.0g Variable #8 Treble-TiN finish
180-20-92_ CHIBI GUN JIG 54 mm SINKING 28.0g Variable #6 Treble-TiN finish