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he small metal jigs are a new weapon in your armoury and they are a very effective way for light fishing in salt water and fresh water.

The Rapture Cast Jig is better used in salt water fishing in medium or deep waters and it can swim at different depths, just operating on the retrieve speed or changing the angle of the rod tip. Scad, small leerfish and saddled bream will be the fish that will most likely attack the casting jig. In fresh water this lure can be used to fish the perch in the deeper waters where they will school together during winter time. The Power Point treble hook, fitted on tail through a split ring, is protected against saltwater corrosion by TiN finish.

180-20-80_ CHIBI CAST JIG 38 mm SINKING 5.0g Variable #16 Treble-TiN finish
180-20-82_ CHIBI CAST JIG 43 mm SINKING 7.0g Variable #14 Treble-TiN finish
180-20-84_ CHIBI CAST JIG 50 mm SINKING 11.0g Variable #12 Treble-TiN finish