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Shore Gun is a one piece wire through construction jerk, with a small lip running through the body axis, perfect to catch medium and large size predators, such a bluefish, leerfish, dolphinfish, bonito, schooling tunny or other pelagic predators in the scombridae family.

Perfect to fish on the edge of the fish bonanza, close to the holding points such as platforms and shipwrecks, or even to imitate a large prey fish, such as mullets on the outer part of a big river’s mouth. Extremely easy to use, Shore Gun can be successful fish in several ways, producing different swimming action based on our impulses, starting from a moderate a side-side action under a slow and steady retrieve, to a “S” swim action whit a faster speed retrieve to cover a large area in the swim, up to a classic darting action under jerk style retrieve able to produce flash and lightening in the upper layers.The fixed weight is positioned towards the tail allows the lure to be cast to incredible distances with extra accuracy, this solution let the Shore Gun also to keep the swimming action in difficult conditions, where most of the lures can’t be fished with good results. Shore Gun introduces great innovations and features, from which stands out the SHS System, the “full wire” construction to withstand the strongest fighter. Shore Gun is also supplied with both treble and single hooks as standard.

Hook Set is a simple but effective solution to guarantee a perfect hook-set and to reduce drastically the hook-pulls. This has been possible only by adding a combination of adequate sizes and strengths solid/split together, thus to increase the freedom of movement of the hooks compared to the lure’s body and in particular from leader fixing point. Apart from this, SHS will help you also to switch between lures in while, without the need to add extra snaps and delivering a solid connections all the way.

180-18-8_ _ SHORE GUN 125 mm SINKING 33.0g Variable #01 Permanent Steel + 2/0 Single S75M