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Kosuke features a peculiar aerodynamic shape that allows longer casts. The specific positioning of the inner weights makes this lure to act as WTD, with the right style of retrieve, and as true popper.

If retrieved at top speed it will act like a sort of skipping lure. It superfluous to tell you that such a number of options have the result to create a deadly weapon for the bluefish, a fish that is always attracted by noisy and splashing lures. The Kosuke group everything in one single lure and it is the best way to fish for the bluefish. The trebles are super pointy, featuring a special cut point, and grants you never loose their hold, even in the mouth of this crazy, jumping and often self releasing fish.

180-15-7_ _ KOSUKE 100 mm FLOATING 18.0g Top Water #04 Permanent Steel