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This small and sinking crankbait features an unrivalled erratic action, perfect when predator fish is not so much active.

The wide range of colours and their shape, which perfectly imitate natural prey fish, make it a perfect lure through the whole fishing season.

Creative Power! The cluster colors obtained through the application of grained varnishes, combine various shades to achieve results which have never seen before. Unique in their kind, they can replicate the shades of natural colors, or even invent some new, abstract, ones, able to trigger the attack even in the most apathetic predator, both in spots subjected to high fishing pressure and in natural and unspoiled environments.

180-06-9_ _ HOT BUZZ 25 mm SINKING 3.0g 0-0.5 m TREBLE #102 Black Nickel - SINGLE #08 Black Nickel