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Grasshopper is one of the more natural and appreciated food for every freshwater fish, especially for wild trout, that seems go crazy for this insect in springtime and summer.

The Grasshopper is a faithful replica of a live cricket, imitating the countless colorations it can assume and it can be used in creeks and small rivers to catch really big trout. You must apply a much varied retrieve, simulating a cricket panicking for its fall into water. We added, anyway, a lip to this lure, that can help you to change style of retrieve in favour of a more traditional steady one. Even in this case the Grasshopper will still have its own distinctive and original tract.


Made for fishing in streams, in full contact with nature and in spots subject to little pressure, which hold native and difficult fish; in such conditions, the approach, as well as the choice of the right color, always make a big difference. That’s why we designed this range with soft and natural colours, ideal for clear waters on wary fish that only attack by natural instinct.

180-16-6_ _ GRASSHOPPER 37 mm SINKING 2.0g 0-0.3 m #12 Black Nickel