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posted on 01/07/14

A new Rapture adventure fishing the bluefish
in very peculiar weather conditions.


We are at the dawn and i twill be a dawn of fishing. We are heading towards Marina di Pisa and we are all excited while we go onboard. Finally we are at the mouth of the river and the sea is opening in front of us.
I am patrolling the sky, looking for the seagulls that will help us finding the chasing bluefish. It is the correct time of the year even if there is a surreal fog over the water. Let’s start fishing.
RaptureSuddenly the first jumps: the bluefish are all around us jumping through a large bank of anchovy that are swimming away like crazy. I address my casts right there, where all the feeding frenzy is paroxysmal, and I have my first strike. Unfortunately it gets free with a great jump when it only one meter form my boat.

Next cast, next strike! And this time the fish comes onboard. The fish school is moving and I need to pursue if I want to keep in touch.

I start to cast again and after a few blank retrieves I finally have another strike.
All the fish have the same size and the fishing is really fun in these conditions. I am using a Rapture Snatch Casting&Jigging 7’4 that is just perfect using lures and metal jigs. I invite you to use them when you meet such a feeding frenzy. I choose to pair it with a Trabucco Swat XS 5000, spooled with 0.18 Rapture Dyna Tex Spin X4 braided line with a shock leader made with 0.45 Trabucco Fluorocarbon SW 100%.

The higher number of catches has been made using the Rapture Bow Dancer, 11.50cm 27g, a nice lipless that allows to cast 60 meters effortlessly. It can be used from the shore as well.

Don’t be wrong and choose Rapture. (Gimmi Chinello)



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