Destination Fishing on the Alpha channel

posted on 18/02/19
Roberto Ripamonti, professional airplane pilot and passionate angler, brings us to five of the nicest Italian fishing locations and shows us his own techniques, tackle and tricks. ...

New Rapture Concept Catalog 2019

posted on 13/02/19
FINALLY THERE! The new 2019/20 Rapture catalogue is now online! Hurry up and look at the many new products now on sale in the best fishing tackle shops. ...

Rapture Prizegiving

posted on 12/03/15
2014/2015 Lake Trout Rapture Challenge has had a great success. Top 5 prize giving has been held at Pescare Show in Vicenza. ...

Bluefish time

posted on 01/07/14
A new Rapture adventure fishing the bluefish in very peculiar weather conditions. We are heading towards Marina di Pisa and we are all excited while we go onboard ...


Beetle Area

The Beetle is the imitation of a terrestrial, that is a bug that can occasionally fall into water and become trout food. It often happens that exactly this kind of food, alien to the underwater world, is triggering the killer instinct of trout, maybe due to the high number of vibrations produced by the numerous legs that shake in the attempt to get back to solid ground. Some of the colour assortment are natural colours, some other are only partially natural.

City Game

There is no town nor village without a river, a canal or a simple garden with a pond. Let’s enjoy it! The beauty of walking or moving by bike, by scooter or by public transport, to fish among the curiosity of people even if we have only half an hour of time, is priceless.

SX Native

From the extreme lands of Southern America to the Japanese islands, getting through the heart of the Old Continent, the fashion of hunting for wild Trout, native to natural environments, has a timeless charm that also feeds with the pleasure of using equipment with refined and exclusive feeling. It is absolutely the case of these splendid Rapture creations, able to provide pleasure to the most sophisticated user even when the fish seem to have disappeared, thanks to the casting accuracy, to the high sensitivity and, last but not least, to the aesthetic taste.

Dyna Tex SPX4 HI-VIZ Yellow

SPX4 is a 4 strands high modulus polyethylene braided line, built with a very tight and complex structure that gives the product an extraordinary compactness and a consequent exceptional roundness in diameter. The evolution of braided Dyna Tex, specifically the SPX4, is even more effective in terms of flexibility and handling, easily found by simply touching the line with your hands.

Mad Rusher Spintail Jig

Mad Rusher represents the fore front on Spintail Jigs. Developed by the Rapture and individually handcrafted to guarantee the perfect action! The compact body ensures good distances, the colorado blade produces a fantastic action also on the fall and slow retrieves while the tube fitted on tail minimize tangles. Try it and you won’t regret!


A young, sporty and refined style at the same time identifies this classic series of rods with a super slim and light blank, made from high modulus CX-1 carbon to display a very sweet, round curve under load and offer maximum sensitivity. The handle is a design jewel: the reel seat disappears in the hand, while its hoods are shaped to ease the natural palming grip, the reception of signals and the control of operations. Guide’s configuration is specific for the finest braided line’s use.

Guide Master XLT

You don’t need to be expert in fly fishing or graduated in mechanical engineering to recognize at first contact the extraordinary quality of these super lightweight reels. Both the body and the spool are machined from a solid piece of aluminium under the assistance of the computer, as certified by the characteristic micro-grooves left by the tool, which are easily visible through a good magnifying glass.

Dragonfly Nymph

Dragonfly nymph silicone imitation, ideal for streams but also in the lakes during winter season. Once rigged on Micro Jig Head, whose weight should be chosen in relation to the swim’s depth, the lure must be free dropped to reach the bottom and then lightly twitched. In order to obtain the most natural presentation, the line used must be the thinnest possible.


Sysma has been designed with computer assistance: it looks like a classic teardrop shape, but has two “shoulders” that slow down its fall and produce an inimitable sound. As a matter of fact, it sinks to the bottom at the same speed as the pellets used in breeding farms, something that the trout trust a lot, which makes the spoon very effective in the search of difficult fish during competitions, or through the spawning time, especially if it is used in slow go up and down near the bottom.

Native Spoon

Eclectic spoon, with an effective movement both in retrieve and with slack line during the fall to the bottom. It is equipped with two interchangeable hooks: one barbed, one barbless.Specifically designed for the native Trout, it offers a complete range of the most updated Rapture colours: random and discrete Cluster colours, which don’t cast any flash; UV colours to be seen by fish at a distance or in low light conditions; Nature colours to imitate the usual Trout prey; fantasy colours to play a joker when everyone else has failed!




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